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With the collaboration of architect Patrick Rey, we imagined an eco-village for children as a place of hope. Weaving the threads of varied human experiences and beliefs into one organic home encouraging kindness, acceptance, and compassion.


5 hectares land

We acquired 5.2 hectares of pristine land and river in Cobano..




There is considerable space to build and expand, along with growing fruit trees and exotic flowers, as well as an organic garden. The construction is fully ecological and sustainable. The foundation of each house will be set without having to excavate or use concrete plates. Instead, wooden poles made with locally grown timber will be used, and the floors will be made from locally sourced teakwood. Padding and Insulation will be made from Lime panels with Bagasse fibre (sugar cane waste) provided by Greenlab Costa Rica. The roof of each house will be made from Recycled PVC roof sheets with low heat transfer and storage. The village is designed integrating the concept of cross ventilation and low environmental impact.

First dormitory !

Help us build the first dormitory and create a home for 30 endangered children.


Sonja’s House

support the founder of the shelter by helping us build her house, the heart of the shelter.




We need your help to install the eco-infrastructures and accesses of the village



Refugio Cobano dossier_edited_edited.jpg

Happy Chicken Farm

Help in the creation of the Happy Chicken and organic eggs farm to feed and educate the children



Fresh water & electricity 

the site has access to a well and electricity has been connected to the land.




Mothers’ houses

The 2 houses for mothers of resident children are being built!




Edible forest

We are planting the organic and medicinal garden  to feed and educate the children




Activity space

we need your help building a canteen and playroom for the children and mothers of the area.



On August 15th, the current shelter hosting 19 children will be closed as the owner is not willing to continue renting. Please help us to build this amazing eco-village and relocate them immediately.
Together, we can bring this change !

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